How To Make an Omaha Grown Hemp CBD Gummy

How To Make Omaha Grown Hemp CBD Gummies

Who doesn’t like to eat gummies? Gummies are definitely, a hot seller in the CBD industry right now – especially Omaha Grown Hemp CBD gummies. Why are they so popular you ask? BECAUSE YOU GET TO EAT THEM! Gummies can help alleviate aches, pains, restlessness, joint stiffness, appetite issues, and much more. When you feel better, you are better. CBD Gummies are like a snack with a purpose. Let’s explore how CBD gummies are made.

How To Make Omaha Grown Hemp CBD Gummies

How do CBD Gummies work?

Your body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is always at work helping your body to maintain homeostasis but when you intake CBD your body will thank you and reward you. When you introduce CBD to the Endocannabinoid System this allows the CB1 receptors and the CB2 receptors in the Central/Peripheral Nervous System to bind with the cannabinoids and target these receptors to relieve pain and inflammation for a few hours, up to a few days. This makes the long-term lasting effects of gummies more preferable than say a CBD tincture which works faster but might not last as long.

Once a gummy is ingested, the healing effects start to work after digestion begins. For most people that is 30 to 45 minutes after consumption. Omaha Grown Hemp is proud to have three strengths available right now, in a variety of flavors. Our jars contain 10 gummies each.

  • 10mg Zoom Gummies (100mg per jar)
  • 25mg No Stress Gummies (250mg per jar)
  • 40mg Dream Gummies (400mg per jar)

What makes Omaha Grown Hemp Gummies special?

Omaha Grown Hemp only uses the purest CBD isolate to make our yummy gelatin gummies. Because we use 98% pure CBD isolate, our gummies don’t have that unfavorable distillate (oil) taste like most of the other gummies on the market.

CBD isolate is the most important ingredient to look for when shopping for a CBD gummy. If a product is made with CBD isolate that means the quality and the potency of the CBD are at their highest potential. No other impurities or contaminants are included in the isolate, just good ol’ CBD. That’s why we don’t use CBD oil (distillate) in our gummies, we stick to the best – it’s what we do every day.

How do you make a CBD Gummy?

Gummies can be a sticky treat to make, that’s for sure. Once the batter is mixed, and the CBD isolate is infused, the gummy molds are ready to be filled. Then we wait just the right amount of time before the gelatin is cooled in the molds before popping the gummies out of the molds and onto the drying racks.

Omaha Grown Hemp makes fresh batches of gummies every three weeks. When our refrigerators are all full, and the temperature is set just right, each gummy takes its sweet time curing to the perfect consistency.

Where does your CBD come from?

The best part is, we grow the CBD ourselves in our custom state-of-the-art greenhouses. Our processing lab is right on site too. We like to say our products are better because we grow the hemp, we process and isolate the CBD, and we make our products all under one roof. We make our products with pride, we love CBD, and we are excited to offer the benefits to you. Believe me, there is never a shortage of taste testers when our batches are ready for bottling. Our team enjoys our products too!

Omaha Grown Hemp gummies are made for everyone to enjoy! Come into our store or order online HERE and you will feel the relief and healing powers of Omaha Grown Hemp’s CBD the day you open your jar.

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Omaha Grown Hemp Company is Nebraska’s premier hemp processing lab and CBD shop in Omaha, NE.

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We love being able to be on the edge of this fringe market that is not going away anytime soon.  In fact, as consumers start to pay more and more attention to their own personal health and wellness needs we think our products will become a commodity in your day-to-day life. Contact us today to learn more!

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